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LA singer/songwriter Zoe Alex leans into a gritty pop sound– glazing the sonic layers with her honeyed vocals and intricately crafted lyrics. You can expect confident introspection from the 25 year old songstress, as she cares more about her music acting as an agent of connectivity than the genre she falls under. Zoe Alex began releasing covers and original music under the name Zoe Benson in 2013, and following the successes of her cover of “A Drop In The Ocean,” which recently surpassed three and a half million streams, she launched her more personal, brutally honest, and queer artist project, Zoe Alex with three debut singles. As a queer artist, Zoe Alex finds it both profoundly important and powerful to connect with others by detailing her own experiences. She hopes listeners feel both heard and held by her words. Can’t get enough of her first three releases? Not to worry, Zoe Alex is here to stay.

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